EcoNano Green and the European project that has engineered a new form of detergent, which bases its effectiveness by using ionic phenomena to transform dirt into biodegradable substances. Specifically, the project creates detergents, cleaners, and cosmetics starting exclusively from plants, aromatic and medicinal plants.
Both the process of extraction from plants and the subsequent formulation into supramolecules is done through the use of ultrasound cavitation. This technology is very well established in the pharmaceutical field and has also recently been used in the field of organic detergents and natural cosmetics. This new category of detergents is very effective in removing dirt from fabrics and surfaces, using only nature as an ingredient and able to transform dirt into substances that are harmless to human health and the planet.

Unlike other types of detergents that use basic or acidic PH to remove dirt and through surfactant micelles to transfer dirt into water and then into the drain, EcoNano Green Project works exclusively at NEUTRAL PH, this allows it to never ruin fabrics or delicate surfaces, Leaving fabrics soft and surfaces shiny, also does not ruin crystals in dishwashers.

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