Multipurpose - Superconcentrated


proposes the NATURAL MULTIPURPOSE CLEANER readily biodegradable; new generation multi-purpose, composed of plant extracts, suitably processed to form supramolecular detergents with particular effectiveness in cleaning, improving surfaces and fibers due to the maximum functionality of the extracts.

Contains no phosphates, phosphonates, optical brighteners, enzymes, preservatives, antibacterials of non-plant origin. Free of V.O.C. solvents as defined by European Directive 1999/13/EC and European Directive 2004/42/EC.

Leaves surfaces degreased and shiny, fabrics clean and soft, with a fresh and pleasant scent.Supramolecular technology obtained by cavitation

Quickly and completely biodegradable

Instructions for preparing concentrate:

  1. Fill a minimum 1l acone with about 700ml of water. Handle the sachet to mix the contents. Uncap the sachet and insert the contents of the sachet into the acone; rinse the sachet with water by letting it in through the cap and reseal, shake the sachet with water and pour the contents into the bottle (3 times).
  2. Bring to one liter the contents of the
  3. Shake for 10 min.
  4. Allow to rest 30 min.
  5. Shake againfor 10 min.
  6. Prompt.

Use of concentrate:

HAND LAUNDRY and WASHING MACHINE - every 4.5kg laundry:

  • little dirty 22ml
  • dirty medium 33ml
  • very dirty 44ml

FLOORS Marble, wood, ceramic, gress, linoleum:

20ml per 2.5l of water. Without rinsing.

DETERGENT FOR furniture, windows, cars, campers:

20ml diluted in water in 750ml bottle with sprayer.

DETERGENT FOR bathroom, ceramics, kitchen, steel, textiles:

40ml diluted with water in 750ml bottle with sprayer.


Use pure on the stain and allow 3-4 hours, then rinse.

Odor Eliminator

Eco Nano Green Odor Eliminator, neutralizes odors caused by microorganisms, organic reactions (toilet), cooking odors (fried), smoke, odors emanating from animals and toilets.

Method of use: Spray directly on surfaces or in the rooms to be sanitized: curtains, sofas, fabrics, carpets, rugs, kennels, cages, pet carriers, mattresses, linens, shoes, shoe racks, sanitary ware. For use on particularly delicate fabrics, check beforehand for compatibility of the product on a hidden part. Spray 2/3 times inside the sanitary vessel before using the toilets and after operating the flush. Spray back into the sanitary vessel to prevent yellowing due to limescale, bacteria and fungi.

INGREDIENTI: (Reg. CE 648/2004) derivati vegetali (Dimethyl Glutarate, Dimethyl Succinate, Dimethyl Adipate), estratti vegetali (Aloe Vera, Argan, Rosmarino, Salvia, Lavanda, Calendula, Tiglio, Timo, Valeriana, Amamelide), tensioattivi non ionici <5%. Non contiene: fosfati, fosfonati, enzimi, sequestranti, senza gas e alcool. Prodotto Nichel safe.

Free of V.O.C. solvents defined by European Directive 1999/13/EC and Directive
European Directive 2004/42/EC.

Warnings: keep out of reach
of children.


Eco Stain Remover 

Regulation (EC) No. 1272/2008 (CLP)

Warnings: should be kept away from combustible products and heat sources. It is irritating to skin, eyes and by ingestion. After each withdrawal close the bag with the cap carefully, preventing the product from coming into contact with water. In case of skin irritation wash thoroughly with water. In case of eye contact wash with cool water and eye baths. In case of ingestion seek medical attention by informing him/her that the product is Sodium Percarbonate. However, it is recommended that the product be stored in a place not accessible to children and not dispersed in the environment.

Ecosmacchiatore, puro sodio percarbonato, privo di candeggianti ottici e di materie prime classificate come allergizzanti. Durante il lavaggio, svolge un’azione igienizzante e può essere impiegato sia per il bucato, che per la pulizia di oggetti di uso comune e stoviglie. Rispetta i tessuti, i colori e l’ambiente. A fine lavaggio non lascia residui solidi o grassi. Totalmente biodegradabile e non produce cattivi odori. Non contiene sostanze solventi o enzimi ed è esente da profumi.
Perossido di idrogeno inferiore a < 12℅
Inserire nel cassettino della lavatrice predisposto per il detersivo, all’inizio del lavaggio.

  • colored: 20 mi (one heaped tablespoon)
  • Whites: 40 mi (two heaped tablespoons)

Hand laundry

Fill a large basin with warm water until the clothing is covered. Pour 20 mi (a heaped tablespoon) of product into the basin, shaking lightly.

Cleaning and sanitation

Difficult surfaces

Excellent cleaner for grout joints, ceramic tiles, terracotta, marble, granite and natural stone. Pour water directly into the joint area, spread the product directly into the joints. Leave on for about 20 minutes.

If the dirt is particularly tenacious, you can lengthen the application time from 20 to 40 minutes by moistening the surface concerned with a spray bottle and water. Rinse the surface.


Eliminates odors, degreases pipes, facilitates removal of small debris: 10 mi (1/2 tablespoon).

Not recommended for wool, silk, linen, leather.

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