Water purifier and activator 

It is a water purifier for domestic, civil and industrial use, which works according to hydrodynamic principles:it totally eliminates lime scale in plumbing systems, always respecting the chemical qualities of the water, never altered from its origin. The special geometry inside the pipe causes mechanical oscillations as the water passes through, giving the following benefits:


The internal geometry of the device and the water delivery pressure generate vibrations that give rise to ultrasound. The action of the ultrasound detaches limestone from the walls and causes it to precipitate into the crystalline form of aragonite which remains in suspension and is carried away by the flow of water; and the limestone no longer forms.



Ultrasound and cavitation bubbles created inside the purifier neutralize bacteria by irreversibly breaking down their cell wall.
In a single pass the degree of decontamination is a minimum of 60 percent, but in recirculating systems complete disinfection can be achieved.


The mechanical oscillation produced by water triggers a physical phenomenon of separation of large groups of molecules H2O (water clusters) into smaller groups.

This reaction, called "activation," brings various benefits:

  • Improved washing power, with 50% reduction in detergents (lower surface tension)
  • Improved wettability of surfaces
  • Reduction in hot water production and heating costs (-Kw)
  • Improved oxygenation of food ingredients (e.g., yeast)
  • Improved solubility of dissolved substances (e.g., beverages)
TypeOM 1/2''OM 3/4''OM 1''OM 1''1/4OM 1''1/2OM 2''
L (mm)130150210270300350
D (mm)293644496273
G (inches)1/23/411 1/41 1/22
Weight (g)3605401.0832.1163.6925.406
Min flow rate (l/min)3,96,5911,51419
Max Pressure (bar)101050505050


T-Sonik OM should be inserted after the water meter.

This ensures the effect on all utilities within your home.

No periodic maintenance or component replacement is required.

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