Surface Treatments

Anti-smog and self-cleaning photocatalytic for exteriors, bactericidal peer for interiors

OUTDOOR: sunlight and hydrophilic treatment - LIFEGUARD

One molecule of titanium and two of oxygen; a white powder that could revolutionize pollution control and environmental remediation processes.

The applicability of titanium dioxide focuses on remediation processes to remove non-biodegradable pollutants in air and water-all through the creation of special nanostructures and sunlight.

With the use of photocatalysts, the pollutant molecule can be degraded and transformed into water and carbon dioxide. In this way, "gaps" in natural degradation processes and traditional purification techniques can be filled.

Low cost, nontoxicity and stability-these are the three key features of the process.

Titanium dioxide is used not only in building materials for homes and workplaces, but also as a surface treatment for buildings, glazing, asphalt, monuments, photovoltaic panels, to break down and prevent dirt, smog and pollution. Nanoscale molecules of Titanium Dioxide are activated by light and trigger photocatalysis processes:

surfaces, made active and dynamic, capture air pollutants (oxides and particulates) and reduce them to natural elements (non-harmful salts) that can be dispersed without polluting. Thus, the physicochemical properties of these environmentally beneficial nanomaterials are: Photocatalysis, Hydrophilicity, Self-cleaning, Anti-pollution, Anti-bacteriality, Dirt decomposition, Residue leaching without halos or droplets.

INSIDE: bactericidal treatments - BACTERKILL

It is a new disinfectant formulation, a completely innovative active ingredient resulting from a specific procedure based on nanotechnology.
It consists of an aqueous suspension of titanium nanoparticles, with an average diameter of 200nm, on which ionic species with high bactericidal, fungicidal and virucidal action are chemically bound.

Bactericidal, virucidal and fungicidal activity has been tested and evaluated in accordance with European regulations, Bacterkill is active toward: Bacteria, Fungi and Viruses.

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