Bath and Shower Cleanser with Alpine Salt Ocean Fresh Scrub

OCEAN is the line dedicated to body care: excellent SCRUB for the skin, BODY GEL for perfect cleansing in the shower, and again FRESH HAND, practical liquid soap for daily use.

The basis of the OCEAN line is the EcoNanoGreen project supramolecule, which has been combined with a special Austrian mine salt that contains 63 trace elements. In addition to this, OCEAN is formulated with as many as 13 official planes (aloe vera, calendula, thyme, sal- via, peppermint, valerian, rosemary, lavender, witch hazel...).The strong soothing, softening, regenerating abilities of the plant extracts meet the 63 trace elements contained in the rock salt to achieve perfect cleansing and skin care. The ri- sult of regular application of OCEAN will be skin that is deeply cleansed, soft and perfectly moisturized, to the point where the application of additional creams can be avoided.

The molecule behind OCEAN is able to transfer trace elements from the salt to our dermis, resulting in a defatting effect and a de-toxification of the skin. the result is a V.O.C.-free product, which helps to quickly expel toxins in the dermis, facilitates circulation, and can be applied as an adjunct in draining and aesthetic massages. rapidly and completely biodegradable. not tested on animals.

The basic version began as the only supramolecule combined with ordinary sewing salt (OCEAN SCRUB). Then, to obtain the other products in the line, simply follow simple "recipes" by simply adding water or food salt.

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