Water purification

For the many applications involving water:
as an ingredient (drinking water, cooking, food industry)
or as an essential element for cleansing and washing, cultivating, heating and cooling, we propose the following T Sonik devices:

  • OM for home, business, establishment, accommodation and health care facilities
  • PW for swimming pools and spas
  • GH for field and greenhouse, garden and lawn irrigation
  • Wair for oxygenation of water in washes

An accessory that proves indispensable as you use it:

  • absolutely green, because it does not resort to chemistry, only hydrodynamics,
  • cost-effective because it requires no maintenance and brings benefits that enable fast return on investment,
  • Healthy because it improves the potability of water and because of its sanitizing action.

T-Sonik OM

Civil & industrial use

  • elimination of lime scale
  • Surface tension reduction and water activation
  • bacterial decontamination

T-Sonik PW

Pool & spa use

  • direct bacterial inhibition
  • reduction of bacterial proliferation
  • lower viscosity of water

T-Sonik GH

Agricultural use

  • water oxygenation
  • increased rate of solubility of nutrients
  • viscosity reduction


T-Wair 02

Use washes

  • oxygenation
  • cleansing effect
  • flotation

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